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The Watch-Men Agency combines cultural insight with a maturity of vision. Because we believe there’s no substitute for knowledge and experience.

Our culture prizes the spirit and energy of youth. And rightly so. Young people are creative and restless. They’re full of good ideas. We are plugged into the urban culture networks, the talented innovators, the forces for change. They’re part of our wider team.

But our leadership team is also about experience. The experience that we’ve built up over the years, over a wide portfolio of clients and projects. And that enables us to take a considered, strategic view. A little bit of wisdom, to make the most of every opportunity and every idea.

The core team is led by Dean Ricketts, who founded The Watch-Men Agency in 1989. Dean will work with you to assess your needs, and put to together a team to suit. Dean will lead the team and be the key point of contact.

Dean Ricketts – Founder and Managing Director

Dean founded The Watch-Men Agency in 1989. His background was in fashion, music and image management. Dean has broadened the Agency’s base of experience and built a strong reputation as a leader in urban culture. He has executed campaigns from local to global level for a wide variety of clients. Dean has also worked for the BBC, consulted for the Arts Council and participated in TV productions like the Windrush Gala. He is also on the board of LEAP – Local Employment Access Projects.